United States Territory by: Patrick C. and Jet C.

Through the years, decades and centuries since its establishment, the United States of America has been a force to be reckon with due to its ever-growing imperial power. The country's governing power only grew bigger and bigger and as its borders grew respectably. From the East Coast of the first 12 states to crawling towards the West Coast of California, from pushing the borders of Texas, to reaching the heights of Alaska and even shadowing the islands of the Pacific, the territories of the United States of America kept on growing, knowing no limits. Acquiring these territories had different effects on the country as some benefited it, others destroyed. This web page, United States Territory: 1879-1900, examines major territorial expansion of the United States, as each page contains explained points and revelations based on the territories. Graphics and articles are shown to better explain the documents. Please feel free to add pages on the website related to the entirety. Enjoy the journey of the sometimes brutal and horrible expansion of the territories of the United States of America from 1789 to 1900.

1789-- George Washington became the First President and the start of United States as an independent country. Most settlements are Eastern Coast lands and East of Mississippi River.
1803-- President Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana Purchase which double the size of the US over night.
1820--Missouri Compromise
1840s-- Many American settlements in California and the years of the Gold Rush.
1845-- Texas Annexation to the US, making it the 28th state of US.
1846-- US territories in the Oregon region started to grow.
1846-- Wilmot Proviso which s proposal that prohibit slavery in territory that will gain after the Mexican-American War.
1848-- US gained the lands in the Southwest Region after the Mexican-American War. These Southwest Region is composed of California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, and New Mexico.
1850-- Compromise of 1850 resulted to California being a Free State but Fugitive Slave Act must be followed in the North. The new states would decide popular sovereignty for their new territories.
1854-- Kansas-Nebraska Act, which open Kansas and Nebraska territories for settlements.
1865-- Southern Territories started to be rebuild again after the Civil War.
1898-- US gained Cuba, Puerto Rico, Pacific Islands and the Philippines after the Spanish-American War.

California: the western coast that helped achieve manifest destiny. invalidated the Missouri Compromise and started the pacific harbor trading.

Guadalupe-Hidalgo Treaty: ended the Mexican-American War, declaring the Texan border, gaining most of the Southwest region.

Sanford Dole: a business mogul in Hawaii who oversees the pineapple trading the territory. Allowed the military to have an excuse to overrun the monarchy.

Emilio Aguinaldo : the first general-president of the Philippines who fought against the Spanish with the American. He was exiled by the Spanish in Hong Kong and returned to fight along side the Americans, and later against them.
external image C8S1b.jpg
  • Emilio Aguinaldo

•Parallel Expansion: the territorial movement of the Americans westwardly, boosted by the Manifest Destiny belief.

•Gold Rush: the California attraction of settlers due to the discovery of abundance of gold in the area. Prompted many mining innovations to be invented and camps to be erected.
external image california-gold-rush-flyer.jpg
  • the California Gold Rush

Hawaii : the pacific island that attracted the Americans because of the strength in the sugar industry.

•Sam Houston: general that defeated the Mexican Leader Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana, gaining the Texas territory, allowing him to be the first leader of the Texas Republic.

John O'Sullivan : presented the idea of manifest destiny in newspaper and articles to the Americans.

Louisiana Purchase : purchase of the louisiana territory from the french for $15 million.

Napoleon Bonaparte : French emperor that negotiated with Thomas Jefferson to sell the entire Louisiana Territory.
external image napoleon_bonaparte.jpeg
  • Napoloen Bonaparte

The Philippines : (THE AWESOMEST COUNTRY EVER! =D) a pacific country made up of 7,107 islands that attracted the United States due to its strategic locations for network trading and Asian connections.

Queen Lilioukalani : the last reigning monarch of the Hawaiian monarchy after she was overthrown by the United States military.

Russian-Californio Trade : trading of fur between the Californians and Russia.

Trail of Tears : the saddest movement of the Indians where thay were pushes more and more westward.

USS Maine : United States Naval ship that exploded in the Havana Bay, Cuba, starting the Spanish-American War.
external image maine1.jpg
  • The NH 60255-A USS Maine

•Antonio Lopez de Santa: the Mexican leader that fought againts the Americans during the Mexican-American War.
external image lopez-de-santa-ana.jpg
  • Antonia Lopez de Santa Ana

Sugar : the main trading product that Hawaii produced for the Americans.

•Texas: the borderline area that wanted independence from the Mexicans and turned to the Americans for help, igniting the Mexican-American War.

•Tejanos: mixed blood of the Mexicans and Americans in Texas.

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