US Territory 1789-1900 Timeline

1789: George Washington became the First President and the start of United States as an independent country. Most settlements are Eastern Coast lands and East of Mississippi River.
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1803: President Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana Purchase which double the size of the US over night.
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1820: Missouri Compromise
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1840's: Many American settlements in California and the years of the Gold Rush.
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1845: Texas Annexation to the US, making it the 28th state of US.
Republic of Texas Map
Republic of Texas Map

1846: US territories in the Oregon region started to grow
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1846: Wilmot Proviso which s proposal that prohibit slavery in territory that will gain after the Mexican-American War.
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1848: US gained the lands in the Southwest Region after the Mexican-American War. These Southwest Region is composed of California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, and New Mexico.
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1850: Compromise of 1850 resulted to California being a Free State but Fugitive Slave Act must be followed in the North. The new states would decide popular sovereignty for their new territories.
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1854: Kansas-Nebraska Act, which open Kansas and Nebraska territories for settlements.
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1865: Southern Territories started to be rebuild again after the Civil War.
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1898: US gained Cuba, Puerto Rico, Pacific Islands and the Philippines after the Spanish-American War.
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